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Shantalla - magical Celtic music in Meyrin

Events// Entertainment // March 9, 2015

Shantalla is a group of Irish and Scottish musicians who who all live in Belgium and got to together to keep the Celtic sound of their homelands alive.

Shantalla - magical Celtic music in Meyrin

They now tour, regularly playing sell our crowds across Europe.

The group was formed around 10 years ago and have released 3 albums, the latest being Turas.

You'll hear a wide selection of musical instruments that are unmistakably Celtic - such as bagpipes, violins, accordions, flutes, bodhrans and also bouzouki.

They play traditional tunes which will get feet tapping as well as some of their own compositions.

Shantalla will be at the Theatre Forum Meyrinon Saturday March 21st from 6pm. 

You can buy tickets here

Tags: music, celtic, meyrin

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