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Sergio Cortés - Michael Jackson Live Tribute Show

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // April 18, 2018

He might look, move and sound like Michael Jackson, but this is Sergio Cortés from Barcelona...


Sergio Cortés' resemblance to Michael Jackson is really quite striking. He's racked up over 60,000 followers on his instagram due to this alone. In addition, he's learnt the songs and the moves and is touring a live tribute show.

Sergio Cortés isn't just a Michael Jackson impersonator, he's also a huge fan of the King of Pop and can't quite pin down a favourite track when we ask him. As he tells WRS, it's a hard task imitating one of the world's most incredible showmen!

Watch Sergio Cortés as Michael Jackson this Friday 20th April at the Theatre du Leman.

In the mean time, here are a couple of gems from the instagram page...



Happy weekend to all 😊❤👍

A post shared by Sergio Cortés (@sergiocortesparra) on



Feliz semana !!! Hugs and kisses!!

A post shared by Sergio Cortés (@sergiocortesparra) on




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