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Scott Poynton is aiming high for Movember! Can you join him?

Mid Morning Mix // Events // Oct. 31, 2016

Scott Poynton is climbing Mount Everest on La Dôle? How on earth is this possible? And why? Scott explains...

Scott Poynton is aiming high for Movember! Can you join him?

This Movember, Scott Poynton is going to climb the equivalent altitude of Mount Everest (and back) from Nyon to La Dôle's peak in 5 chunks. Every Wednesday he will tackle the mountain, starting from the shores of Lake Geneva, up and back again.

He's inviting you to join him each Wednesday throughout November as part of the Movember campaign; raising money and awareness for men's testicular and prostate health, as well as, this year, men's mental health.

You're also invited to "grow a mo..." - or moustache - the symbol of Movember over the month of November. Starting off with a full shave on the 31st of October (or 1st November if you forget) and then growing your 'mo' throughout the month. When people ask about the style, explain why and what you're doing, or even better you can become a MoBro by setting up a page on the Movember Foundation website and share your mo's progress. Here's Scott's MoBro page. 

Scott joined Katt in the studio on the Mid Morning Mix with Finn, his 4 legged walking partner, to explain what he was doing and why.

If you can't join Scott in person, join us on WRS each Wednesday throughout November at around 10:20am as we have a chat with Scott as he walks up La Dôle. We'll track his progress for both kilometers covered and how the moustache is growing.

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