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Pucker up! It's 'International Kissing Day'

Mid Morning Mix // Events // July 6, 2016

Pucker up, people! It's international kissing day!

Pucker up! It's 'International Kissing Day'

Whether you choose a quick peck on the cheek, or full on smooch with tongues, today is the day you should enjoy a kiss, so get pouting!

Here's a smooch from the studio...

Fun fact for today...

The French word for kiss is 'bisou' or 'bise', but more locally the 'bise' is also the name of the cold wind that comes over from the mountains and runs along the plateau between the Jura and the Alps, which guides it like a giant wind tunnel. If you've been in Geneva and hit by a particularly bone-chilling wind that caused an allover body-shiver, you'll know the 'bise'. It's essentially a wind-kiss. It doesn't make it any less chilly.

7 ways to celebrate 'International kissing day'

  1. Wake up and kiss your partner 'Good Morning'. A peck on the forehead should do it.
  2. Get up and brush your teeth.
  3. Go back and go in for a full on smooch.
  4. Thoroughly embrace the local traditions and 'faire la bise' with your colleagues. 3 cheek . Right-left-right.
  5. Practice a new kind of kiss. An 'eskimo kiss' (can you say inuit kiss?) or 'butterfly kiss'. We don't do these enough. 
  6. Send in your kissing selfies to WRS... studio@worldradio.ch or post them on our facebook page.
  7. Listen to Prince on repeat.

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