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Prisme at Ensemble Vide - Denis Schuler & Alex Babel

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment // March 16, 2018

Artistic Director of Ensemble Vide Denis Schuler and Eklekto Artistic Director, Conductor + Composer Alexandre Babel join Katt in the WRS studio...

  • Katt Cullen, Denis Schuler & Alexandre Babel


Céline Hänni composes a work with the sixty singers and singers of Motet de Genève. Composer and musician Alexandre Babel creates a fresco mixing fifteen snare drums, performed by Eklekto's percussionists. Music from the two groups is interwoven throughout the evening

Prisme is taking place at the ARCOOP in Carouge at 7pm on the 24th March as part of the Festival Archipel

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