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Plane Talk - Transporting Medical specimens

Plane Talk // General// Travel // April 6, 2018

Medical testing is essential to understanding disease; for prevention and cure.

It's a topic that those who work at the World Health Organisation in Geneva may have to deal with in particular.

But how do medical specimens safely travel by air?

Only specimens that have a minimal likelihood of containing pathogens may be carried in passenger baggage. If there is any doubt then the specimens must be treated as infection substances, packaged as 'category B' according to Packing Instruction 650 and consigned as cargo.

Infectious substances may be packed with Dry Ice (Carbon Dioxide, solid) or in a so-called Dry Shipper if they need to be kept refrigerated.

Further information on infectious substances classification and packaging can be found on the IATA - Dangerous Goods Regulations website.



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