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Photography from Fred Csupor - finding the logic of the absurd

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // June 2, 2017

Swiss artist and photographer Fred Csupor started his trip to America in 2012 with the full intention of taking some incredibly high definition pictures, when he set off with his photography assistant and a guide. Unfortunately circumstances didn't quite allow it.

On the third day his equipment was all stolen.

Not to be deterred, the trip continued, and Fred continued to take photos with his small 35mm camera that he'd left back in the hotel room and hadn't been taken with the rest of his kit.

The result is a series of lo-fi retro looking pictures that still reflect Csupors unique take on his surroundings; seeing absurd objects as art, that include shopping trolleys, public toilets and french fries.

Since 2012, he's exhibited these works in galleries across Europe and now he's produced 100 copies of his book "La Logique de l'Absurde" which he'll be book signing tonight at the gallery space in Geneva.

Where: The Square (exhibition space & pop-up store) 2-4 rue du Diorama, (nr. Plain Palais), 1204 Geneva.

When: Friday 2nd June, from 18:30

After the signing today, further copies will be available in Beck Books 

Format : 15cm x 21cm 44 pages Prix: CHF 25.-

More info on Fred's website and Instagram



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