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Peter Bence - Pianist, composer and music producer

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // Feb. 6, 2018
  • Image: YouTube. Peter Bence. Published 26 Jul 2017
  • (Full video below)


Growing up in Hungary, he was a child prodigy on the piano at just 4 years old.

Now, in his 20s, he's producing and composing, as well as churning out phenominal videos on YouTube with millions of views.

He broke the Guinness World Record back in 2012 for most piano hits in a single minute (765, since you asked) but he's pretty humble about that, preferring to concentrate on his compositions which are far more musical.

He's really excited to play some of his celebrated pop-song covers and his own compelations at the Théâtre du Léman on Sunday 25th February. Tickets are on sale now. 





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