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New WRS presenter starting this weekend! - April Fools!

The Breakfast Show // WRS // By WRS // March 30, 2017

Make sure to tune in this Saturday at 11am for the first day of our absolutely awesome new DJ!

New WRS presenter starting this weekend! - April Fools!

EDIT: April 1, 2017

WRS welcomes our newest DJ... Bark Mutcher!!! He'll be on air today from 11AM-12PM. Tune in for a barktastic show! 


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March 30th, 2017

We're not going to reveal the identity of our new DJ just yet, what would be the fun in that? But we'll give you a few clues to keep you guessing...

We sat down with our new mystery DJ to learn a bit about him. Throughout today and tomorrow we'll keep posting bits of our interview here. Keep checking back, and leave your guesses in the comments! 

Get to know the new WRS presenter

WRS: Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself. What kind of stuff do you like to do for fun?

New DJ: One of my favourite things is a good long walk, followed by a sleep on the sofa when no one is watching. I also love meat! I live for meal times.... 

WRS: Hmm, sounds like Mark actually. Well, except for the walks! OK then, what about after work? What do your evenings look like? 

New DJ: I'll climb into bed with anyone who will let me! 

WRS: Cheeky! Weird fact about you?

New DJ: If you let me, I'll lick your face! 

WRS: Uhhhh... no. Questioning our hiring choices right about now! 

WRS: How about those early mornings? How do you get your day started before work on a Saturday? 

New DJ: Every morning I wake up with a bone. ;)

WRS: Anything else we should know about you? 

New DJ: When I'm not sleeping or eating, my favourite thing to do is play with my ball. 

The new WRS DJ begins his new show THIS Saturday at 11am. Make yourself a note, set an alarm, whatever it takes, but don't forget to tune in! 

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