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New Harry Potter book released! Discount code inside

Entertainment // July 27, 2016

Did you catch Mark and Katy's special Harry Potter live stream this morning? The brand new installment of the Harry Potter series will be released this weekend!

New Harry Potter book released! Discount code inside

It's 19 years later and while Harry, Ron and Hermione are stuck at their desk jobs, their kids are headed off to Hogwarts. Harry's son Albus is sure to encounter an adventure or two!

The new book is released at midnight on Saturday evening - THIS weekend. Payot bookshop in Cornavin station in Geneva is opening especially early - at 6am! - to get you the goods.

Whisper the magic word to receive 20% off your copy on the day..... "Radio-ca-dab-ra"!


Payot bookshop Cornavin, Geneva

From 6am Sunday July 31

20% discount with the magic word: "Radio-ca-dab-ra"!

images: Warner Bros / Reddit

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