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Most important facts about hiring a nanny in Switzerland

Family // Sept. 11, 2017
Provided by // quitt.ch

The demand for private child care is constantly rising across Switzerland. More and more parents – Swiss citizens as well as expats – decide to hire a nanny. 

Quitt Most important facts about hiring a nanny in Switzerland

Nannies are very flexible, they support and relieve families in everyday life, often live with the family, look after the children around the clock and are not restricted to the opening times of a day care center. Another advantage of a nanny? You pick the person taking care of your kids, matching your own as well as your children’s

Ready to become an employer?

Once you have successfully recruited a nanny, it is time to employ her correctly. Why? Hiring a nanny means you will become an employer by Swiss law and the nanny will be your employee. Therefore, the nanny will need a valid working permit and has to be registered with the AHV. Additionally, the nanny - just as any other employee - is subject to compulsory social security contributions. They are shared equally between you and the nanny, the nanny’s part will be deducted from her salary.


Do I have to insure my nanny?

In Switzerland, every employee needs to be insured against accidents. The accident insurance (UVG) must be taken out by you for your nanny and is compulsory. The employers’ legal protection insurance, the daily sickness allowance, and the household insurance are not compulsory but recommendable.

What is a fair salary for my nanny and will he/she be eligible for pension payments and fund?

The level of experience has a bigger impact on the nanny’s salary then region they work in. quitt.ch recommends between CHF 3’450 to CHF 3’800 per month without vocational training for a working week of 42 hours. With proven skills and experience the salary rises to about CHF 3’800 to 4’800 per month. All wages are indicated as gross wages. In case your nanny will be living with you and your family at your home, boarding and lodging must be provided. These wages in kind are part of the total gross wage of the nanny and amount to CHF 990. When your nanny’s totally salary exceeds CHF 1752.50 gross a month you will have to register her with the second pillar of the Swiss occupational plan (BVG).


Do you dread all the paper work?

Over all quite a lot of paper and administrative work. But this is where quitt.ch comes into play. quitt.ch offers all services you need when it comes to employing, registering and insuring your nanny in accordance with all legal requirements. quitt.ch will take care of your administrative employer obligations, offers a favorable pension fund solution and provides all important documents such as the monthly pay statements and a professional employment contract. And guess what, quitt.ch is available entirely in English!



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