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Montreux Comedy host Paul Taylor on the double-edged sword of comedy

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // Nov. 23, 2017

Was Paul Taylor just naturally funny and discovered through a set of lucky circumstances? Or did he sit down one day, google 'how to become a comedian' and follow it up with hard graft? Also, how does he get away with mocking French culture to the French, in English. We find out...


Paul Taylor is a stand-up comedian with a show called #Franglais. He also has a regular segment on French TV (Canal +, also available on YouTube) called What the F*** France where he looks at some of the weirdest and most inconvenient aspects of French culture. His newest regular segment, What Up France? is all news. With each episode being a few minutes long, he looks at the news from his perspective of an expat in France. 


Warning: he uses naughty words


"I'm not just like an English person that just showed up in France and started ripping it into them straight away. People can hear it in my accent when I speak that I've lived there for a while; that I know the culture. It's as if I was a French person making fun of France, but I'm doing it in English... It has to be true."


Katt Cullen meets Paul Taylor to talk about becoming a stand-up comic, hosting the Trending Comics // Gala in English and what happens when he runs out of ideas...


The full programme of events from Montreux Comedy Festival takes place 30 November - 4th December 2017.

The Trending Comics // Gala in English will take place on the 3rd December, hosted by Paul Taylor and featuring another line-up of top class comedians from all over the world! This show features Ali Al Sayed (UAE), Ahir Shah (UK), Schalk Bezuidenhout (South Africa), Francesco De Carlo (Italy), Ari Eldjárn (Islande), PK (South Korea), Yoann Provenzano (Switzerland) and Aisha Alfa (Canada/Nigeria)! Tour the world through laughter in a night that will bring to the stage comics that are killing internationally. 








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