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Moments Of Music; a brand new festival for your calendar

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // May 1, 2017

Moments of Music is a brand new event on the Swiss festival calendar, taking place this year 4-6th May.

Bern may have huge music festivals but perhaps there's a gap in the market for those who enjoy a more intimate feel, suggests Jeannette Riesen, Media Manager for Moments of Music.

Jeannette talks to Katt Cullen on the Mid Morning Mix.


Get your tickets for this event here. 


So what's different about this music festival?

What I think is unique is the setting. So this series of concerts will take place at the Kursaal, Bern, which offers space for around 1000 people and where they can all sit. Sometimes music is just different if you can sit instead of standing. What's also special is that you have two different artists in one evening.


So how did you pair the musicians together?

Actually booking can be planned, but it's another story if you can realise it. We tried to have the two artists fit well together because the audience buys [tickets] for the two artists. We think we did quite well for the first edition.


What was it like reaching out to the artists? Were the artists excited to be part of the first ever Moments of Music Festival?

Well I wouldn't say this. Of course, they're used to doing big shows! I think generally the artists are very happy to come to Bern. Some have already been here and they have good memories of it and they're happy to come back.



Buy your tickets to Moments of Music here or tune in to win.




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