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McKay Interview: Round Table (21 September 2020)

The McKay Interview // WRS// Politics// General // By Mark // Sept. 17, 2020

Two years ago in Paris, I recorded a roundtable McKay Interview with people whose fingers were very much on the Parisienne pulse. Very recently, in this year of Covid19, I have done something similar in Geneva, a city struggling to get back on its feet after the lockdown/confinement.

My Guests, to discuss a wide range of relevant and very hard issues in Geneva’s hotel and hospitality industry, are:

Daniel Grangier, Proprietor of Le Milan, in whose restaurant the “Interview” was recorded.

Adrien Genier, CEO of Geneva Tourism & Congress

Thierry Lavalley, General Manager of The Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva & President of the Geneva Hotel Association.

Vincent Subilia, Director-General, Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Services (CCIG)

The Interview examined their assessment of the current situation; how the short to medium term future looks in their opinion; the changing nature of work; the impact of working from home; Geneva’s dependence on frontalier workers; and the role of government in these difficult economic and commercial times.

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