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Marcel Jean - Artistic Director, Annecy Animation Film Festival

Mid Morning Mix // Travel // June 15, 2017

Podcast photo: Marcel Jean ©  G Piel


The city of Annecy is animated this week, literally.

The little city in neighbouring France bursts into bustling action with the tens of thousands of film lovers, students, animation professionals and execs.

Whether you're there for professional reasons, or just for fun, it's an incredible week to be in town. There are screenings in every available venue, including the nightly open-air screenings on the Paquis, with the beautiful Annecy lake-view in the background.


Illustration: Ugo Bienvenu & & Kevin Manach - Graphisme : Christian Debbane



The festival is also a place of premiers, where huge animation success stories of the coming years can be seen as worldwide firsts. My Life as a Courgette is one such movie that has had a presence at the festival for years, throughout the creative process, until it's full showing in Annecy last year as part of the 2016 festival, where it won the Audience Award. It has since won the Swiss Film Prize, Kids Jury Award as part of the Zurich Film Festival, amongst many other awards. It was nominated for the Oscar (Best Animated Feature) and a Golden Globe (Best Motion Picture - Animated).

WRS presenter Katt Cullen caught up with Marcel Jean, Artistic Director at Annecy Animation Festival, to talk about the various success stories, such as My Life as a Courgette, amongst others.




  • © zombillenium. Arthur DE PINS, Alexis DUCORD
  • - one of Marcel Jean's hot picks to watch out for.
  • Synopsis: Nobody knows, but the Zombillenium theme park happens to be full of real monsters! When a human, Hector,
  • threatens to disclose the true identity of the park's employees, the vampire park manager has no other choice but to
  • hire him. Hector must escape from his zombie, werewolf and vampire co-workers to see his daughter or he risks ending up as the park's prize attraction. 





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