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Leave your radio spot to the experts

WRS // By WRS // March 15, 2018

Don't hesitate, let WRS produce your on-air ad. WRS is Switzerland's only 24/7 English-language radio station and is the Swiss partner of the BBC World Service. Listen to WRS on your DAB+ radio, online, or in-app. We also post daily Local News, Podcasts, and Feature Articles.

WRS Leave your radio spot to the experts

Klicken Sie hier für die deutsche Version // Cliquez ici pour la version française

Don't let any concerns over creating a high quality radio ad stop you from taking advantage of this extremely effective advertising option.

WRS will write and record your script in English using professional scriptwriters and actors. It's all part of our service to help you reach potential customers in the Swiss English-speaking community.

It's easy, creative, and from just CHF495, very affordable. Join national brands like SWISS, Infiniti Motors, coop@home, TalkTalk, and Domino's and make your company stand out from the crowd with a top-notch audio ad.

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Sample ads from a few of our national clients

The creative options are limitless with an audio ad written and performed by professionals. Bring the story of your brand to life so you can achieve your business goals. 

Listen to sample ads


Have fun with your messaging, like this Godfather style ad for TalkTalk. "An offer you can't refuse".

Harness the power of sound design to promote your message. "Rain or snow" doesn't stop coop@home.

Go classic. Create a strong brand style and voice to highlight what your company does best, like this ad for Domino's Pizza.


Let us create an radio ad for your company

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