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Learn about science through film

Mid Morning Mix // Science & Technology// Entertainment // Nov. 28, 2016

Exposure Hackathon will explore scientific principles and create stories around them in a way that makes science accessible for non scientists. 

Robbie I'anson Price talks us through what it's all about.

Robbie is part of a Lausanne based organisation called The Catalyst who are dedicated to the merging of all that is creative and all that is scientific. So far, they’ve used theatre as a medium to merge these worlds, that seem so unlike, but Robbie explains that they're moving into other mediums and now they're branching out into film.

The Exposure Hackathon challenge is effectively a film competition bringing filmmakers, artists and scientists together to create compelling stories on film that depict complicated scientific principles, helping the viewer engage with and understand science.

The short films will be made over this weekend (2nd - 4th December). Although registration to participate is now closed and the groups have already been assigned, you are invited to the open screening of the short films at the Cinema Cityclub in Pully Lausanne from 7:30pm on Wednesday 7th December. It’s free so just turn up. Places are limited so get there early.

More information on www.exposurehackathon.com

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