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Kino Kabaret wants YOU to get involved in making movies

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // Jan. 6, 2017

Sure, we like watching movies, but now you can actually participate in the making of short films as part of the Kino Kabaret, which takes place in Geneva 8-19th January this year.

Damien Molineaux is a Co-Director of the Kino Kabaret event in Geneva. It was under his direction (and passion) that it came to the city in 2014. He talked to Mid Morning Mix presenter Katt Cullen about how to get involved and the highlights on the programme.

The Kino Kabaret movement originated in Montreal, where a group of friends, passionate about film, set themselves a task to create a film every month for an entire year. It was less about perfectionism and more about being creative, experimenting with new techniques and knowledge-sharing. It is open to professionals and amateurs alike.

Now an international movement, the 4th edition of Kino Kabaret will run in Geneva this 8-19th January, open to professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike. The 12 day event is split into three rounds with featured highlights, including public screenings. This year, anglophones are encouraged to join in to what has been a predominantly Francophone festival in Geneva. There will be plenty of translators on-site throughout the festival so language won't be a barrier. 

Most of the event will take place at the Usine Hugler in Geneva, but there's also three public screenings, for those who want to pop along and see the creations:

14th January (20h30) - A ciné-concert at the Alhambra: a screening with Genevan atmospheric band Penfield playing compositions made for the 12 first movies of the selection

16th January (21h) - Salle Centrale de la Madeleine

19th January (21h) - Salle Centrale de la Madeleine

Full info is on www.kinogeneva.ch

Katt takes a cheeky selfie in the studio with Damien Molineaux, Co-Director of the Kino Kabaret when he came into the studio this week in the run-up to the event. 

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