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Juliana Buhring - This Road I Ride

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Sport// Travel // May 19, 2017

Juliana Buhring holds the Guinness World Record for solo unsupported round-the-world by bike. She wrote a book about the experience called This Road I Ride and will be signing copies of the book this Saturday 20th May in Geneva. 

This isn't her first book, although the first was about a whole other part of her life.

Her first book, Not Without My Sister, told the story of her childhood, which she spent in a cult called The Children of God. Not Without My Sister spent 5 weeks on the Sunday Times best seller list and remained in the top 10 for 15 consecutive weeks. It has been translated into 10 languages including French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Estonian, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian and Dutch.

This Road I Ride is a compilation of snapshots from her record-breaking cycle around the world. Having only learnt to ride a bike in adulthood, she thought she’d circumnavigate the globe on it alone. She spoke to Mid Morning Mix presenter Katt Cullen about what prompted this incredible adventure and some of the highs and lows; both physical and emotional. 

Buhring will be signing copies of her book tomorrow, over wine and cheese, at Brogue shoe shop in Geneva. All proceeds from the signing will go to her publishers and the charities she supports.

Juliana explains some of the great charities she supports in her blog posts. One such charity is the Safe Passage Foundation – who primarily help children exiting these high demand organisations or extremist groups and need help setting up in society. She’s now supporting charities that focus on women's rights. 


Where: Brogue. 11 Quai des Bergues, Genève. 1201 

When: Saturday 20th May




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