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Join in Movember

Health // Oct. 31, 2014

How is your Movember going???

Join in Movember

If you are taking part - tweet us at @wrs #wrsmobro

This year at WRS we are celebrating men's health and are going to raise money for the Movember foundation.

The Movember Foundation is the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health.  

It is focused on bringing about change:  to give men the opportunity and confidence to learn and talk about their health more openly and access health care services when needed.

-->  More about the Movember Foundation

So this year, follow Mark, Tony and the WRS boys as they grow and groom their moustaches... this morning they were preparing for the big clean shave tomorrow morning.

Help to support us, by:

  • Donate at http://mobro.co/wrs
  • Share your moustaches on Twitter using the #wrsmobro handle
  • Share with your friends

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