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International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG)

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment // April 3, 2017

Image: from The Chop

The 12th edition of FIFOG kicked off this =Saturday April 1st and it runs until Sunday April 9th.

This year, under the themes of Dialogue'& Living together, there are 100 films of a wide varieties of genres, including fiction films, documentaries, shorts. 30 countries are represented and over 60 guests from around the world will attend the 9 day festival.

Most films will be shown at Cinema Grutli in Geneva, but there are 20 locations in total in Switzerland and neighbouring France.

Film screenings will also be supplemented by debates, symposia, lectures, exhibitions, school programs and various training workshops.

Listen to our podcast this morning with Karolina Johansson, Press Attaché for FIFOG with a rundown of what's on and some of the highlights.

Wondering what films are accessible for an English-speaking audience? The following films are some of the highlights from Karolina and all are either in English or have English subtitles:

Carvina, The Chop, Collabeur, Deema, Diamond Generation, Django, Gift of my Father, Jaws, Kingdom of Fishes & Other World.

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