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Integration with Executives International

Politics // Oct. 28, 2015

Michael McKay talks to local business leaders about the issues of integration of internationals in the Lake Geneva region. Talking to Michael are:

Integration with Executives International
  • Sunita Sehmi , Executive Coach, Walk The Talk.
  • Mary Mayenfish-Tobin, Business School Lausanne (stakeholder relations and student counselling at BSL and, inter alia, President of the Centre de Liaison des Associations Féminine Vaudoise and Team Leader Geneva & Lausanne for the Irish Business Network Switzerland
  • Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman, publisher of Know-It-All Passport
  • Lizzie Gent, Founder of Chronologica SA
  • Audrey Peverelli, Founding Principal/CEO,GEMS World Academy, Etoy

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