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In Geneva in English; in October

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // Oct. 1, 2018

Christopher Park joins us in the studio to talk some of the October events and activities from the Ville de Genève.

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Image: Beggar's Opera © Patrick Berger


Part 1 (00:01 - 05:07) : Christopher gives us a run-down on some theatre in Geneva this month, including the Fête du Théâtre events on the 13th October, featuring GEDS and the Renegade Saints, both entirely in English. We look a little further at the GEDS production of Frankenstein (2 - 6 October), 200 years after Mary Shelley's publication.

Part 2 (05:07 - 09:46) : The Beggars Opera was the first ever musical, created by John Gay to mock the elite classes of London by creating an opera that mocked the very people that loved it. To add insult to injury, his cast were thieves, pimps, prostututes and general dodgy characters. It's on at the Opéra des Nations in the first week of October. I Am What I Am is a one-off show promises to be an electric evening of song and stories at the Centre des Arts on the 17th October. What If They Went To Moscow (29 October - 3 November), from The Comédie de Genève, is a new look at Chekov's famous Three Sisters - with English and French surtitles. 

Part 3 (09:46 - 13:39) : Radical Light /Salva Sanchis (5 - 7 October) offers sixty minutes of in-your-face, uninterrupted, techno dance from 5 dancers, bringing the energy of the club to the stage. We look at the Big Up Band, playing lively jazz & Harmonie Nautique one of Geneva's oldest musical ensembles. Finally, some baroque music from Henry Purcell and Benjamin Britten for the Ode to Sainte Cecilia at the Victoria Hall. 

Part 4 (13:39 - end) : The History of Science museum looks at Mechanical Moves: The Principle of Least Effort and how we apply physics to make life easier; a great exhibit for kids. Also, we explore some of the many events at the Museum of Ethnography in Geneva (MEG) including the paralel activities along with their temporary Africa; The Ecstatic Religions exhibition, such as a Banga event (7 October) of healing through song & dance. For something local, a concert of jazz, contemporary and classic Alpenhorn will be held on the 13th October.


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