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In Geneva in English; in December & January

Mid Morning Mix // General // Nov. 30, 2018

Christopher Park joins us in the studio to talk some of the great Winter events from the Ville de Genève.

All events mentioned can be found in the Arts and Culture in Geneva in English newsletter.

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Part 1 (00:01 - 07:11) : Christopher talks us through the history of Escalade & some of the events you can find throughout December, including the opening of a secret passageway for one-day only. If you're not one of the 51,000 registered to run through the streets on the 1st and 2nd December in one of the many different races, perhaps go and cheer them on instead and enjoy a vin chaud from the sidelines?

Part 2 (07:23 - 12:15) : We delve into nature! Museum of Natural History’s beautiful night time display shows us the beauty and importance of darkness and the dangers of light pollution, particularly for nocturnal animals (now until April 2019). The Botanical gardens present the latest installment of the “Symbols and Feelings: Secrets of Plant Life” series, displaying the most beautiful winter plants (1-3rd Dec).

Part 3 (12:16 - 17:12) : Time to moooooove! We're looking at music and dance events that have caught Christopher's eye. This includes music from Nigel Kennedy and Friends at the Victoria Hall (18 Dec), singing Hallelujah for Handel's story of Jesus Christ in Messiah (15 Dec) and watching the flurry of incredible choreography from Belgium to the adc - Salle des Eaux-Vives in both Blue Moves / Rudi van der Merve (5-16 Dec) and and Daniel Linehan's - dbddbb (16-18 Jan)

Part 4 (17:13 - 24:31) : (Silent) film and theatre. Over the next couple of months you can transport yourself to 1927 for the true Buster Keaton film experience. Enjoy Keaton's silent film - The General - in the Victoria Hall with a live organist improvising the music throughout (16 Dec), witness vibrant opera in Viva la Mama (21 Dec - 3 Dec) and experience Chekov's Three Sisters without "the deafening noise of emotion" performed by actors from Siberia in Sign Language (17-27 Jan). Will they ever get to Moscow?



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