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IGIST - L.S. Larson

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Science & Technology// Entertainment // July 11, 2019


IGIST is a sci-fi novel for young adults.

Set several hundred years into the future, when Earth is menaced by a plague and most humans have colonized other planets, our protagonist Emi dreams of attending the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology, also known as IGIST.

We talk to to L. S. Larson about the book, the world he's greated and his desire to create a strong protagonist that would inspire his children. 



In addition to the book, there is also an IGIST app that makes the book interactive. As readers advance through the book, they collect stickers, character cards and can see cinematic animations in augmented reality.

The app is available on Android & iOS

L.S. Larson will be book-signing at 17:00 on Thursday 11 July at Xenomorphe, Geneva.


The IGIST app is free and brings the book to life with gaming features and Augmented Reality features. 


  • Author L.S. Larson, his daughter Kendall and Katt Cullen (Mid Morning Mix - WRS) in the studio.
  • L.S. Larson wanted to create a strong, female protaganist so that his daughters would be inspired by Science and Technology through fiction. 




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