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How to tune your DAB+ radio

WRS // Aug. 16, 2016

Do you have a DAB+ radio but don't know how to use it? Or maybe you're new to the technology? Well... Katt and Mark are here to help!

How to tune your DAB+ radio

DAB+ radios are super simple to use. Watch our tutorial to make sure you know how to retune your DAB+ radio.

How to retune a DAB+ radio

  1. Turn it on
  2. Pull out the aerial antenna
  3. Press "Menu" and scroll to "autotune" - these buttons might be slightly different depending on the model of your radio
  4. Wait for the radio to scan all the stations - this might take up to 30 second
  5. Scroll through the stations using the arrow buttons - again, these might differ between models
  6. Select WRS! - There are several regional WRS stations to choose from. Pick the WRS station that gets the best reception for your area
  7. Sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to WRS!

How to reset your DAB+ radio

In the rare case that you still cannot find WRS after you retune your radio, you can reset your radio to the factory settings. This will remove all of your saved preferences, but sometimes starting fresh, finds you more stations. Katt walks you through what to do on a couple of different DAB radio models:

Other ways to listen

Don't forget, you can listen live anytime by live streaming WRS online. Just bookmark this link: www.worldradio.ch/player to listen on your desktop, tablet, phone, or in the car if you have a cable to attach your phone's stream.

You can also listen via the WRS app! Available in the iTunes and Android app stores. 

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