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Holding out for a hero - 5 steps to marriage over 40

Health // Jan. 22, 2015

More and more are marrying later - and this is especially true for ex-pats.

Holding out for a hero - 5 steps to marriage over 40

Meeting the right person when working abroad is difficult - and Geneva is known to be especially hard.

Local writer Lesley Lawson Botez has spent the last few years talking to those who've taken the leap later in life and has written a book, telling their stories and examining the advantages of committing when over 40 - she's also got tips for those who do choose to marry later.

Lesley will be signing copies of her book 'Holding Out for a Hero' at Payot on Chantepoulet at 3.30pm on February 14th.

You can buy a copy on Amazon

Lesley Lawson Botez, MSc, is an English-born writer and psychologist. She runs workshops for 40+ singles and writes and coaches on relationship issues. She lives in Geneva.

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