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Heads in the Cloud Atlas at the WMO

Science & Technology // Oct. 17, 2014

The Cloud Atlas was first published by the World Meteorological Organisation in 1896. The Atlas aims to codify clouds and assist in weather forecasting. There are more than 100 different types of cloud currently listed in the Atlas.

Heads in the Cloud Atlas at the WMO

The last cloud to be added to the Atlas, was the 'Cirrus Intortus' in 1951. There have been no new cloud types, until now.

The WMO is currently considering the addition of a new cloud type, which has been dubbed the 'Undulatus Asperatus.'

It's not just a simple matter of approving the cloud formation for inclusion in the Cloud Atlas. There's much more that has to be considered.

Roger Atkinson is a meteorologist with the WMO in Geneva and explained to Tony on Drivetime what's involved.

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