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Hard hit families accept care packages in Geneva

The Breakfast Show // General // By Mark // May 18, 2020

This weekend in Geneva nearly three thousand people queued to collect donated care packages.

Many people and families are being hard hit by the lockdowns. Those most affected are cleaners, home help and bar staff.

A lot - although not all - are those living and working without the correct papers. But in Geneva, the canton only wants to help and make sure no one goes hungry, so authorities are turning a blind eye to those in the queues.

Harriet Hadfield volunteered over the weekend and spoke to Mark Butcher.


If you'd like to donate: 

Take food and toiletries to the 'Patinoire des Vernets' on the rue Hans Wilsdorf 4 in Geneva. Or you can send money: 

UBS: La Caravane de Solidarité-Genève 

50, rue de Vermont 1202 Genève


IBAN CH42 0027 9279 3606 5101 U



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