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Happy 200th Swiss-iversary to Versoix

Explore Switzerland// Entertainment // June 1, 2015

WRS were in Versoix this weekend to celebrate the 200th year of Versoix becoming a Swiss town.

Happy 200th Swiss-iversary to Versoix

Amongst the festivities this weekend were the farmer's market, merry-go-round, trade stands full of local produce, Swiss mountain dog shows and a fireworks display. There was live music to suit every taste; from rock to alphorn.

Another mentionable highlight was the parade that marched from Versoix train station to the hamlet of Ecogia, fronted by the Old Grenadiers of Geneva in traditional costume, with muskets and drums to lead the way.

There was live music to suit every taste and a sheriff was there if things got too rowdy.

Luckily for WRS, our Katt Cullen didn't end up behind bars, but was able to broadcast the event live on Saturday morning as the parade arrived.

More info about the event and the history can be found on the Versoix website: www.versoix.ch

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