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Gadget Guru - Smart Trampolines and Alien Stomp

Gadget Guru// Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// Science & Technology// Health// Sport // May 9, 2017

Gadget Guru is getting sporty this week.

We're talking about trampolines today as trampolines seem to be becoming smarter and smarter.

Springfree have made a kit which is taking everything we love about our fitness devices such as step-count and elevation and applied them to trampolining.

If you have a trampoline already, you can attach a set of 4 sensors and a bluetooth controler box to it to connect it up to your smart phone or tablet.

And then come the games...

Alien Stomp is a game where you have a screen in front of you and as you see the alien appear at a certain location on the screen, you hit it back down by jumping straight onto it. As Paul Bristow tells us, it's like whack-a-mole that you play with your whole body. 

And we've heard that a 10 minute trampoline session is as good for you as a 30 minute run. Wow! What a great work-out and all without really thinking about working out. 

Now all we need is the space to put a trampoline...




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