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Former UN Special Rapporteur calls for Palais Wilson re-name

The Breakfast Show // General // By Mark // July 6, 2020

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter campaign – more attention is being drawn to the past lives of famous people, and the views they held. Former US President, Woodrow Wilson is now in the sights of some. He held the presidency between 1913 and 1921, and held racist views which were even considered strong at the time. He was also Princeton University president. The college has announced it plans to change the name of its business school, which was named after Wilson. However, he did set up the League of Nations – the forerunner of the United Nations. Because of that – his name is found in Geneva on roads, hotels and the Palais Wilson which currently houses the Office for the High Commissioner for Huma Rights. That link is incompatible according to John Knox, he’s a professor of international law at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and a for 6 years he was the first UN special rapporteur for human rights and the environment. Mark Butcher spoke to John Knox and asked him first, who was Woodrow Wilson and what views did he hold that many now find problematic.

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