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FoodKind - Food and compassion to refugees

The Breakfast Show // WRS // By Mark // March 22, 2017

There are around 60 million refugees and displaced people in the world today due to war, persecution & natural disasters - that's 1 in every 113 people in the world without a safe and stable home!" - FoodKind

FoodKind FoodKind - Food and compassion to refugees

FoodKind is a charity whose aim is to bring nutritional meals to those who truly need it. Working with the world's refugees and displaced people, the charity's aim is not only to distribute food to all in need, but also to give compassion, dignity and hope to the most unfortunate by working with these people on a personal level. 

Their vision is to someday see a world where every refugee/displaced person has access to a constant, ample and dignified supply of food anywhere on the planet, just as every human being has the right to. 

Mark Butcher spoke to FoodKind co-founder, Luath Glendinning.

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