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Follow Mark's drive across Switzerland! Videos updated here

Explore Switzerland// Entertainment // Sept. 29, 2016

Unfortunately the competition is now closed but if you missed the fun on Friday, you can follow along with Mark and Emma's journey driving across Switzerland in the WRS BMW i8, provided by Jan Autos Riviera, right here.

Follow Mark's drive across Switzerland! Videos updated here

The challenge:To see how far Mark could drive the BMW i8 on one tank of fuel and one full charge.

The prize:The person with the winning guess earned themselves the BMW i8 for a whole year! 

The route:Geneva  >  Bern  >  Interlaken  >  Lucerne  >  Zug  >  Zurich  >  Basel  >  Germany  >  Bern

The answer:599km!

The winner:A big congratulations to Barbara! It came down to decimal points and four finalists, so of course, we had to draw from a hat! Good thing Katt happened to be wearing one...

There are lots more pictures and videos on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER, take a look!

Watch a replay of our Facebook livestream of the draw here:

The "we're finally finished" celebration dance!

And finally the moment came when our trusty BMW i8 ran out of power.

Had to stop for this beautiful view...


Hello from Canton Obwalden!

A video posted by WRS (@worldradioswitzerland) on

And he's off! It was a 5:30am start time, then off to Bern to pick up Emma!

The day before the drive Mark filled up the tank and drove it home to charge all night.

Before the drive, Mark took a tour of the BMW i8 at Jan Autos Riviera  in St. Légier. Check out all the bells and whistles! 

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