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Finding your path when you want to quit!

Education// Health // By Debra Moffitt // Dec. 7, 2017

So many people tell me they want to quit their jobs and make a big change. 

Pixabay Finding your path when you want to quit!

As many of you know, I left the corporate world to write full time,  and so has my recent radio guest, author, Sarah Seidelmann. Sarah worked as an MD! But over time she felt her spirit whispering to her to make a shift. So she became a healer, a shaman, and an author. I had a great conversation with Sarah that I hope will enlighten you about the process of making a big life change. (Listen to or download the show here.) Here are some of the highlights.


1. Big life changes take time. 

You may feel like telling the boss to “screw off” and head out the door, but there’s a much wiser and better path — for most of us. One of the biggest misconceptions about making big career changes and life changes is that they happen overnight. For most of us, it actually times a good deal of time between when we realize we need/want to change, and envision a different direction. And that’s okay. No need to create more stress and fear in the long run, right?!  For Sarah, author of “Swimming with Elephants: My Unexpected Pilgrimage from Physician to Healer“, during her years of medical practice, she began to feel the inner nudging to step into a different way of life. The change took a number of years to realize, including support from her husband, reducing work hours, and finally staying at home with the kids.


2. Life changes are often accompanied by a reassessment of priorities

Sarah and her husband decided to downsize and shift out of accumulation and consumer mode into living a more simple lifestyle. She sold the big house and moved into a small one, but then bought $1,200 silk curtains in an attempt to recreate that previous way of life. “They felt so heavy,” she says. So she ditched the curtains at Goodwill and allowed a new, lighter way of living to shape itself around her and her family, one that was less materialistic.


3. The path isn’t always clear

So you slowly learn to trust your inner wisdom and intuition and act on it. In the process of change, it’s not always possible to see the outcome. So developing faith in inner guidance is a way to find your path and stay on it – one step at a time.


4. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. 

Sarah called on a life coach to help her understand her desires to shift direction. She loves Martha Beck and encourages people to connect with a good coach if they feel drawn to that. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re missing anything or that you’ve failed. It is a way to gain valuable insights and encouragement as you make your way forward.


5. Use Your Creative Energy! 

If you’ve felt stymied and stuck and really want to move forward on a new path, get in touch with your creative self-expression. This is an invaluable way to discover what’s going on inside of you. You may feel drawn to art or writing. I love writing and journaling as ways to discover how I feel and help me to gain insights into my inner life and feelings.


6. Go on a Retreat

Retreats can be great ways to step away from your usual world and gain some perspective. 


Debra Moffitt is the award-winning author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life and “Garden of Bliss”. She leads workshops on writing and creativity in the U.S. and Europe and is on the faculty of Esalen Institute and Sophia Institute. Her weekly radio show Divinely Inspired Living on Unity FM aims to invite listeners to trust their inner wisdom. It features guests like Sonia Choquette, Mark Nepo, and Dr. Eben Alexander. 


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