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FILM NUT - Murder On The Orient Express, Suburbicon, 7 Sisters, Mountain Between Us

Film Nut // Entertainment // Nov. 8, 2017

This week Kerre takes a look at this week's big releases and wow - it's a big week.

Poirot, played by Kenneth Branagh is back, for Murder on the Orient Express. The film also stars Johnny Depp, Judy Dench and some top-notch moustaches.

Suburbicon is a mafia comedy, set in the 'burbs'. We watch Matt Damon as a sweet, timid family man delving into a world of violence to protect his family. This one is full of humour, from George Clooney and the Coen Brothers.

What happened to Monday? That's the question we'll ask ourselves in 7 Sisters. In a futuristic world where population control limits families to one child only, just as one woman gives birth to septuplets, each named after a day of the week. William Defoe plays a father determined to keep them all alive, in hiding, and raising them to adulthood in a world where only one child can go out each day; on the day of her name.

Finally Kerre reveals how she found out that Idris Elba has a foot fetish and how this played a role in filming another of this week's big hitters; The Mountain Between Us.

It's been a busy week!




Film releases 7/8 Nov

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