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FILM NUT - Divine Order & Trading Paradise

Film Nut // Entertainment // March 20, 2017

The Divine Order (Die göttliche Ordnung) was released on International Women's day on the 8th March but what's it all about?

Currently available in German with English subtitles, this tells the story of the fight for equal rights for women in Switzerland in 1971.

Nora is our protagonist in this film. She's a young housewife and mother and she lives in a quaint Swiss village with her husband and their two sons. She is a likeable character who leads a quiet, uneventful life – until she starts to publicly fight for voting rights for women in 1971 - which was voted on, by men, in a ballot on February 7, 1971.

Also a documentary film called Trading Paradise is finally out in Switzerland. This film takes a look at companies based in Zug and Geneva who trade world trade commodities; tax avoidance and shirking environmental responsibility. Trading Paradise is a revelation of business and the NGOs which attempt to improve transparency and liability.

Have you seen this movies? Let us know what you thought. 

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