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Fête de la Danse - Iris Meierhans

Mid Morning Mix // Sport// Entertainment// Art & Culture // May 2, 2017

Fete de la Danse is a dance event with workshops, classes, shows and even films all about dance.

What kind of dance? Oh so many!

It takes place this weekend (5th - 7th May) throughout 30 locations. Geneva, however, can't keep it's toes still and will start dancing this Wednesday 3rd May with a longer 5 day programme of events.

We asked Iris Meierhans, Communications Officer for Fête de la Danse, about the benefits of dancing. 

"I think there are so many. First of all you move your body. You have energy flowing through your body and you feel better; you just feel good just about moving. It's also about meeting people. It's about connecting your senses with your environment; maybe unplugging your brain and letting your body take over and feeling well in your body and building confidence, definitely.

It's also very social. I think there are a lot of social benefits in meeting people and having fun together.

Whether you want to go and see a show, or you just want to try one of the courses that's on - I mean it goes from sound painting, to sacred circle dance, west coast swing - we have 129 different courses that will be on offer in Geneva alone, and over 300 if you look at all over Switzerland - so you can really choose something and go with no previous experience just to give it a try and just have fun!"



Tags: dance, tango, events, danse

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