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Festival du Film Vert: 18-22 March

Events// Entertainment // March 19, 2015

The Festival du Film Vert, or Green Film Festival, was born in 2006 in Swiss Romande.

Festival du Film Vert: 18-22 March

The aim is to show environmental films that often don't make it to the cinema, and provoke discussion about the issues they raise.  In this, it's 10th year, there 28 towns taking part, 25 in Switzerland and 3 in neighbouring France.  Each town has it's one organising committee choosing films and selecting speakers for the topics that interest them.

Back in 2006 when the festival started, the majority of films were alarmist - "we're all doomed" type.  Happily, since then, many films have been made that are much more solutions focused, exploring ways forward that will improve the health of our  environment - both at an international and a local level.

In 2015, more than 50 different films will be projected.  In Ferney-Voltaire (my town), the film selection is always "lively".  This year, half the films are in English and half in French, and we cover subjects from electro-magnetic pollution to economic inequality, going via melting glaciers and teaching eagles to roam free.    Our secret to choosing films is simple: it must both provide a solution to the problem it addresses and be a great film that you’d want to see on the big screen.  Come and see for yourself.


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