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Expanding Your Horizons - Fun-packed science workshops for girls

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Family// Science & Technology // Oct. 10, 2017

Lorraine Mcdowell is a scientist. Over the years she's noticed that the gender ratio in science and technical industries is not weighted towards women. We look at why that might be and what her association 'Enlargis Tes Horizons' (Expanding Your Horizons) are doing to get girls interested in mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology (MINT).

Specifically targeting girls between 11-14 years, her upcoming event aims to introduce girls at this crucial age to career paths and aspects of MINT that they may not have thought of.

The Expanding Your Horizons event is a fun-packed day with loads of science experiments and demonstrations.

The day will be focused on a series of hands-on workshops led by local female scientists which included astrophysics, engineering, genetics, chemistry and technology to name but a few.


Saturday 18th November - 08:15 - 15:30


Uni Mail, Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40, 1205 Geneva. 

Inspiring the next generation of female scientists and mathematicians.





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