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Escalade Marmite Cartier Style

Events // Dec. 11, 2014

It was 412 years ago today, that Geneva was attacked by the troops of the Duke of Savoy.

Escalade Marmite Cartier Style

Two thousand mercenaries gathered in Planpalais and launched a surprise attack on the city at 2am.

According to the legend, Catherine Cheynel, a mother of 14, poured a large pot of hot soup over the invading marauders, as they tried to scale the walls of the city.

The Genevois managed to defeat the attackers and so the legend of the Escalade and the marmite cauldron was born. At this time of the year, stores all around town sell chocolate replicas of the giant soup pot, filled with marzipan vegetables.

Marc-Andrè Cartier is a renowned chocolatier from Versoix, who's been very busy making 800 chocolate marmites for this year's l'Escalade celebration.

Tune-in to Drivetime Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm for your chance to win a fine chocolate Marmite de l'Escalade from Cartier Chocolatier.

Here's Tony's chat with Marc-Andrè Cartier

Tags: escalade, marmite

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