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Ecolint drive for health & education supplies for Zambia

Mid Morning Mix // Health // May 9, 2017

Joachim Meyer gives us an insight into the work at the Zambezi Environmental Education Centre (ZEEC) who could really make use of some items that you might have lying around and no longer need. 

This particular drive, which is hoping to fill two huge shipping containers full of basic stationary supplies as well as some very particular health items will take place all next week before setting off to Zambia where it will go to supporting health and education projects. Education supplies needed include: backpacks, stationary, A4 notebooks, puzzles, lego, musical instruments and sports equipment. A full list can be found below. 

As well as some fairly standard items that you might have gathering dust in the loft or garage, ZEEC are looking for some more specialised medical equipment for a maternity ward under construction. Hospital beds and basic equipment are called for. Also, they're looking for a dentist's chair for another project, ideally with a foot pump, rather than electrical. Do you know anyone that might have one lying around?

There are currently two containers waiting at the International School of Geneva; Campus des Nations. 

If you have any of these items and would like to donate, please contact the Ecolint campus and ask to speak to Lesley Meyer, Principal, or Julie Burson who is managing the collection. For larger items, please contact Martial Thevenaz at martial.thevenaz@ecolint.ch to arrange delivery and discuss the size and condition of the equipment. 

Furthermore, some of the children of Ecolint will join a school in Brussels travelling to Zambia to actively participate the educational programmes to follow up with the fundraising. They will even prepare a weeks' lessons for one of the Primary schools in Zambesi. ZEEC invite children and adults who are interested in such a community action service trip to get in touch! 


The school are hoping to take 2 shipping containers full of the following items:

General School Supplies 

  • backpacks
  • pencil cases
  • reference books
  • reading books (English-all levels from preschool to high school)
  • dictionaries (English)
  • rulers / compasses / protractors / solar calculators
  • pre-school toys
  • educational games: puzzles, Legos
  • outdoor play equipment
  • notebooks
  • A4 binders
  • paper graph/square paper
  • white copy paper
  • A4 colored paper for art
  • pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens (ball point blue or black)
  • chalk
  • rubber erasers
  • hole punchers
  • paper clips
  • staplers & staples
  • large paper
  • glue sticks


Sports Supplies

  • sporting clothes: shorts, t-shirts, football kits 
  • good condition trainers (running shoes)
  • good condition football boots (cleats)
  • all racquets (badminton, tennis, etc.)
  • balls (soccer, basket, volley, playground, tennis, small physio)
  • jump ropes air pumps with needles


Art Supplies

  • crayons
  • colored pencils
  • paints brushes
  • coloring books
  • glue
  • stamp pads with ink
  • magnifying glasses
  • scissors
  • post-it notes


Music Supplies

  • musical instruments (recorders, too)
  • music books music stands
  • Sewing Supplies: needles, thread, zippers, knitting needles, knitting wool, sewing machines with thread


Students with Exceptional Needs

  • small white boards with markers
  • finger puppets
  • play dough
  • small baking trays
  • percussion/small instruments (bells, drums, horns)
  • bubbles
  • CD players with CDs
  • visual crafts items (colorful ribbons, pompom balls, small mirrors, etc.)
  • straws balloons wind up toys small cars tactile books/lift the flap books



  • carpentry (saws, lathes, routers, planers)
  • plumbing tools
  • motor mechanics tools
  • blacksmith tools
  • large tools: Metalwork & Engineering workshop tools & machinery, Welding
  • machines (MIG & arc), compressors, generators,solar pumps


Garden Tools

  • spades (any size)
  • shovels (any size)
  • hoes (any size)
  • forks (any size)
  • watering cans
  • hoses
  • sprayers


Medical Supplies

  • mosquito nets
  • dental chair*
  • hospital/exam beds*
  • wheelchairs*
  • glasses/spectacles
  • hearing aides


*for these items, please contact Martial Thevenaz at martial.thevenaz@ecolint.ch to arrange delivery and discuss the size and condition of the equipment. 


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