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Dig It! Spring is here (April 17 2017)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces // April 13, 2017

Spring is really here and the local garden centres are doing a roaring trade. If you're in the Suisse Romande, one of the oldest and best known is the family company Schilliger. Founded in 1945 by the father of the current generation running the company, the store started out as a seed company and now produces 1.5 million plants annually. Take a tour "back stage" with Antoine Geindraux, part of the production team at Schilliger and find out more. Schilliger in Gland are throwing open their doors for a "Portes Ouvertes" event on the 22 and 23 of April, where you too can have a backstage pass to all the production areas, and maybe buy a plant or two. More information in our article: Open weekend at Schilliger garden centre in Gland

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