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De-clutter and detox your home with Marieke from Clarity

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Style// Health// Art & Culture // Oct. 9, 2017

Clarity Home Detox offers advice on decluttering and home orgaisationbased on the KonMari method; created by Marie Kondo and explained in her bestselling book "The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up".

Marieke Staub from Clarity explains to WRS how this book changed her life. She explains how, with this method, she detoxed her surroundings, became more organised and gained a sense of calm. Now, Marieke and her sister, Eliette, have started a Clarity Home Detox; a business to help others to do the same. 

In this interview Marieke explains that you should start first with your clothes; emptying all the clothes that you own, from your wardrobe, basements, cupboards and attik, into one pile and start from there...

Marieke and Eliette host conferences and workshops as well as work with clients one-on-one in their home to help them de-clutter.  

One such conference is coming up at 7pm this Wednesday 11th October at La Praille in Geneva - talking specifically about home detox with children

Find out about more about Clarity Home Detox from their website and, if you do make the move to rid yourself of all the items that don't bring you joy, don't forget to donate them to a worthy association. There's a great list of where to donate your unwanted items to in Swiss Romande on their website too. 



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