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Cycle alongside Andy Schlek in Crans Montana for UNICEF this Saturday

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Events// Explore Switzerland// Sport // June 7, 2018

Amongst other celebrities and corporate teams who support this event, 2010 Tour de France winner Andy Schlek will be cycling for UNICEF this Saturday 9th June and you can cycle alongside him there, as Francine Moreillon from UNICEF explains...

On Saturday 9th June, join over a thousand bikes cycling through and around Crans Montana.

This cycling event is tailored to suit different ages and abilities, with 4 different tracks available. There is a short 1.5km course for the kids through the town, family-friendly 4.5 km courses in Crans Montana on closed off roads, 9.5km tracks that also start to climb more significantly and then a 15.5km track for the athletes, with 514m of ascent within the course. All tracks can be repeated! 

The climb in altitude provides an unusual challenge to this course.

Late registration is still possible on site, but as there isn't time to organise sponsorship, there's a goodwill donation of CHF 100- to UNICEF that is asked, payable upon registration on-site. 

If you choose to simply head to Crans Montana for the day, you can watch the activity, as well as catch live music and entertainment in the town.

More information is available at www.give-it-all.ch

This will be the biggest fundraising drive in Switzerland to help against contaminated water and malnutrition of children.



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