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We're contributing - can you contribute to us?

Swiss Up!// The Breakfast Show// Mid Morning Mix// BBC World Business Report // Community// WRS// General // By Mark // March 25, 2020

WRS has been offering free advertsing to small businesses in these difficult times. We know the economy is built on these firms – and when the crisis is over, we will need all these companies to help heal the economic damage.

We understand this as we are a small company as well.

Many of our valued regular advertisers have decided to suspend their campaigns for the time being and we look forward to welcoming them back.

In the meantime, bills still have to be paid.

So, we’re hoping you can help. We’re asking for a financial contribution – it’s the first time we’ve ever made this call in over 20 years of broadcasting.

In the last few days, your generosity has been astounding us – and we’re incredibly grateful.

But the bills are not stopping.

As we offer free advertising – you can help us continue to help small businesses and keep you all up to date with the latest on the crisis and also plenty of the good news which is happening as well. There are so many uplifting stories of people giving a hand to those who can’t go outside out as it could be too dangerous for them.

We believe the story of these difficult times will end by us all looking back and remembering how everyone pitched in and worked together. It will not be an exaggeration to suggest the world will be different afterwards.

We want to be around to celebrate that.

If you can help us out – then we promise we will continue to help as many as we can afterwards.



WRS' morning team - Mark Butcher, Katt Cullen & Tay Kinnear We're contributing - can you contribute to us?

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