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Comedian Paul Taylor speaks #Franglais

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment // May 24, 2018

Paul Taylor's sharp observations about the process of learning a new culture as an adult have become the basis of his stand-up comedy show. He talks to Katt Cullen on the Mid Morning Mix...


Paul Taylor has a unique take on French life; the confusing number of kisses, the passion for bread, the most mind boggling bits of the French language are all covered in short, individual episodes on his YouTube channel. 

Since then, he’s been working on a stand-up show called #Franglais which is particularly unique in that it’s 50% in English and 50% in French.

Catch Paul Taylor on the Friday 15th June at 21:30 at the Chapiteau as part of the Morges Sous Rire comedy festival that runs between the 9th - 16th June. Tickets for his show are CHF 36.




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