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Choose a Tune!

Mid Morning Mix// Choose a Tune // WRS // Feb. 27, 2020

Each week Katt invites a listener to choose 5 tracks and tell her why they love them on the Mid Morning Mix

Over the course of the week our 'Choose a Tune' VIP picks their very favourite 5 songs on the following themes: 

- Monday: Motivate me!
- Tuesday: "This is such a Tuuuune!" 
- Wednesday: extra energy on a 'hump day' 
- Thursday: Thow-back Thursday 
- Friday: Theme for the weekend…

Katt is looking for participants to join in on the show!! If you'd like to share the songs you love on the radio, then simply email us!!

Katt loves this tune! Choose a Tune!


Tune in everyday at 10:15am to hear Choose a Tune on the Mid Morning Mix
Tune in on DAB+, stream at www.worldradio.ch/player, listen via the WRS app, or through TuneIn, or Swiss Radio Player.


To be part of CHOOSE A TUNE simply email us.








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