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Caroline Goasguen on women's golf

Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// Events// Sport // May 24, 2017

Caroline Goasguen is organising an event on Tuesday 6th June. It's a networking event for female golfers. She joined Katt in the studio to talk about why she believes more women should play golf. 


Katt: When I think of golfers, I might think of Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus. I might even think of Donald Trump. Who are the big names in women's golf?

Caroline: Well you have a lot of Asian players nowadays like Lydia Ko... and a lot of Americans, but the visibility, per se, is definitely less with women, than men.


K: So why are you trying to get women out on the golf course?

C: Because I think golf is a fabulous sport for woemen. It's a great way to relax, it's a lifeling sport, you can play with anyone at any point in your life; your children, your husband or your friends. You can play forever, and anywhere in the world. There are very few sports in the world where you have that luxury to do that - starting at 15 years old and playing when you're 95. On top of that, it's a great way to do business. A lot of business takes place on the golf course. 


K: So how long has the International Women's Golf Day been happening?

C: It started only last year, so it's really new. I think that around the world, they tried to get traction with this type of event, but nobody really took a hold of it and championed the cause. Now, it's in over 28 countries in over 400 countries around the world. They've really started to put things together in a way that makes sense for women; the format makes sense. 


Caroline is organising a particular event in Collex where participants can come and learn how to play or just chat and have a good time. It's an opportunity for young golfers (minimum 7 years) to come with their mothers and play golf together. There's also a putting competition for those who know how to play, a putting innitiation for beginners and a cash bar for drinks

When: Tuesday June 6th. 6pm - 8:30pm

Where: GolfCentre in Bellevue, Route de Collex 47, 1293 Bellevue

Who: Women of all ages (recommended minimum age - 7 years)

Fees: Free but must register (places are limited) and bring some money for the bar. 

More info: can be found on the registration page above or the facebook page. 

And... if you've played a round of golf on that day, bring your scorecard along to be entered into a special raffle. 


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