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Busting out the Jazz flute and carols with Calen and Eve

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // Dec. 14, 2016

Eve Aubert wrote in to the studio this week...

She's in a jazz trio called Lift Ev'ry Voice with Daphne Gayle and Julia Ryhder. This week she'll perform Jazz carols, arranged by local composer Calen Gayle.

The thing that intrigued us the most - aside from the very concept of jazzed up carol singing, of course - was how Eve described Calen. She said the music has been'arranged by a young student "handwritten on paper" who hears everything in his head... kind of Mozart guy... and it's just unbelievable."

He didn't disappoint. As an extra bonus Calen broke out his flute mid interview and gave us an impromptu music season and an example of how he'd 'jazz up' a traditional Christmas carol.

You can see the group performing live this Friday in Nyon and Saturday in Geneva.

Friday's event will be at the Westlake church and include a drama performance

Saturday's performance comes in Geneva takes place after an apéro at 6pm.

Calen even had a jam along to some of the tunes on WRS:

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